Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A perfect outfit...

I just listed the adapted version of bloomer pants. This one with the long and loose look. Feels just like skirt. Super sweet!

While making it, I think about making the clothes as a whole outfit. Sell them as a set. The idea started from hearing a few clients who request for matching top. Many said they like to get a whole set becos it's very hard to find a piece to match the style of clothing we make, in the west.

So I try with our new balloon sleeve boho print blouse. Dye it in brown.

It has the same bloomer look, and this blouse has a bit of pleated detail as well. Turned out, they match each other perfectly! in my opinion anyways.

So here it is upon request. Please tell us what you think. We'd like to come up with mix style. Sometimes contrast - sometimes coordinate.

Keep experimenting and try new thing :-)
And we came up with this great embroidered top that go so well with this pants!


Anonymous said...

I just found your clothes on etsy, and I am in LOVE with the stuff you're making. I have had some ideas in my head of clothes I've always wanted and just can't find. I have found some of those ideas in your collection! I will be a regular customer for sure! Now the challenge will be deciding on what to buy first!
sincerely, Anna

cocoricooo said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks so much!! I'm sure great mind think alike! :-)

Feel free to contact us if you have any question or request.

Kawp koon ka :-)