Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harvesting season

It's the end of rainy season in Thailand. Everywhere in the rice paddy field is beautifully gold. I can't help but feel very happy everytime I drove pass it. No matter how bad the world economy is, we are very lucky to be in a place where we can grow everything we eat!

In this part of the world...it seems far away from the other world we saw in the news. Life is very simple and uneffected by stock market or exchange rate.

People work very hard in the field each day but you can hardly hear any complain...No matter how hot and heavy life may seem, we can still see a big smile and hear genuine laughs.

Harvesting time is approaching...we count the abundance that we have. We feel very thankful and grateful for our surrounding...
It's the satisfied mind...it's the simplicity in everything that bring happiness...

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Joelle said...

Thaks for stopping by!
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