Friday, November 28, 2008

Coat and jacket season!

It's starting to get cold where we are! A good inspiration for making thicker clothing...

We still work with 100% cotton. Just double it up or use a thicker material.

And we come up with these soft suit.
As usual, with some hand-embroidery detail.

This one is more special cos it is reversible! Plain beige soft cotton with hand-embroidery on the outer layer. Great flower printed fabric on the inner layer.

Also a simple long coat with very thick 2 layers plain black high-twisted cotton.Simple hoodie coat that will keep you warm and it's a simple piece you will always ended up picking it to go with all your outfit!

More to come...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How we pack and ship the packages

Part 2. How we pack the packages and ship them.

Apple preparing the order we sold from the last 3 days.
The clothes is nicely fold with our name card added.

We add namecard in every package to promote our site. So client can give away to their friends.Our name card is designed by Nithima. Very simple. we even print them ourselve.

After finish packaging, we put them in the saddle bag and take them to post office in town.

At the post office. Toy is the nicest lady at the post office. We meet her every other day.
We ship everything airmail from Thailand. with register number.

We hope these pictures show the handmade process of our team and answer all the questions you have.

Thank you,
Cocoricooo team

Cocoricooo team members

Greeting from Thailand!

Today is an introduction day for our team members Below are the pictures of how we make our clothes.
It started with playing around with material and pattern.
In the picture Sommai is working on one of our curtain collection with a piece she hand-stitches on fake leather.
Nithima patch up different design arm part to see which one is better.
Poona's draw book for many idea she has.
After the design is done, Poona and Sommai start on sewing machine.

Poona at her house working on the clothes.
This is Poona working on one of our triangle pants with hemp fabric and Hmong vintage embroidery.

Poona finishing up a plain kimono wrap top that need embroidery after.
Poona iron the pants she finish since yesterday.

Poona show off her finish product. Balloon tiered pants with very wide bottom and drawstring. This pants can be worn as a capris with tie around the leg or as a long and very wide leg pants or as a long balloon pants. It's our new product we are going to put on the etsy!

(more pictures added 11/20/08)

After the product finish. Nithima and Apple take pictures. Cropping them and get them ready for the listing.

We made 2 variation of this new design. One with printed cotton patchwork style. And the brown pair below made of plain cotton with Hmong vintage Hand-embroidery pieces patched randomly on the last tier of the pants.

The second part are the pictures of how we do the embroidery.

At Kanya's house.
Kanya, Kai Nithima and Apple working on different pieces.

Kai is working on embroidery on the cover shirt (flutterby no.2)

Apple is embroidering a petal of flower on our 2 layers cotton coat.

Apple is showing off her finish embroidery work.

Kanya is working on the embroidery on the neckline of the plain Kimono top.

Kanya with her new collection of simple neckline embroidery plain A shape long shirt. Same as the shirt she had on.

To be continue on the second blog about packing, shipping and promoting the site.