Thursday, December 11, 2008

Room for improvement...

New year is approaching!!!

Time is flying...before we know it, the year is already coming to the end. It also means new year is starting. We have many things planned for our etsy store. 1 big thing is that we will start making 1 design in different sizes S-M, M-L and XL. We will also be using more variety of fabric, more natural one. etc...Oh we have so many ideas!

But before we turn our ideas into reality. We would love to hear from our client! We are still very new and we are sure that there are roooms for improvement for us. We would really appreciate a comment.

If you bought anything from us in the past and would like to tell us how you feel, what would you like to see more in our store, what we do good, or what we can do better. Please let us know. Any comment sent in along with the purchase between Dec 13- Dec 20 will receive a 7% discount. It's not automatic so you will receive the discount refunded back to your paypal after you paid (this will not include shipping fee nor the free shipping items in Sale section)

Thanks for all your support and please let me know if you have any question. Sawasdee ka!

Enjoy this holiday special discount :-)