Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Like a flower waiting to bloom...

For boho chic... Check out our new boho print blouse! They are superb! I keep one in green for myself!

We got these beautiful flower print fabric in from Chiangmai. To me, they are perfect for dress. Cute and sweet...though I know it's not the season for mini dress in the west, so I'm gonna throw the idea here and see if I get any feedback...

We are also experimenting on new tiedye technic. I love the way tiedye turns out. Mostly unpredictable. And it's quite hard to use tiedye fabric and make it subtle, don't speak too loud. Below is what I come up with.
Any feedback, anyone?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our etsy store is now open :-)


Finally got some items on etsy!! and should be listing more and more.

Just sure you know where to find it. here is the link

Below are some sample of the new designs that should be in the store within 2 days!

our unique pleated detail blouse. So comfy and cozy:-)

Our famous hoodie kurta but this time with pleated fabric and embroidery on da hood!

The simple crochet trim blouse and the famous bloomer pants.

Any request, suggestion or just a say hi message is always welcome!

You all can also contact us now at cocoricooo.etsy@gmail.com


Friday, September 26, 2008

Ready to launch!!

At last!!!

After a long busting week. We finally got these 100% hemp baggy lisu style pants done!!! Special thanks to Poona, our tailor for working all day long everyday on the sewing machine.

We are now ready to launch our product on etsy real soon.

For this week only 4 pairs are finish. They are one of a kind! Only one pair like it in the whole wide world!!! We make each color different sizes.

We will be able to take custom order in 2 weeks. Please send in your request if you like what you see here :-)

And...like all real hard workers, we also play as hard!
Tonight's mood spells " C E L E B R A T I O N " for us!!

And B52s stop me from blogging right here...Until next time ;-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life as a house.

Been searching for design of curtain for my new house. Then it became the new inspiration for this fall-winter line :-)

Yep curtain and drapes!! I like the way it looks. Now it's in the process of the way it should feel...still picking material. Hopefully in 1 month some of these design should turn into reality. Until then... we are working our butts off for the new coming Baggy Harem pants! Should be able to photograph them in the next few days. Will keep you all posted! Stay tune...



To wake up from the sound of a rooster, the birds and the wind that blows through bamboo trees..

To wake up and smell your first cuppa coffee, turn on your favorite morning music..

To wake up and feel a little different...excited for what today may bring..

You wander around the house..then to your closet, picking what to wear. The outfit that fits your mood. You mix them up...and they match your day perfectly.

Life is romantic, if you spend little time to look at all small details...

Life is exciting when you have no expectation...

Life is sweet, if you add a little sugar to your eyes...

And when it doesn't turn out the way you want it to...the perfect outfit can at least get you through the day...

Cocoricooo...ready to wake up?