Friday, October 10, 2008

Curtain collection

Greeting from the sunny Thailand!

I want to say thank you for the feedback we got from our last "vegetarian" promotion. Sadly, it ended today...though stay tune for the new promotion. We will come up with something fun regularly.

We just finish a few pieces from the "curtain collection" that I mentioned last month. Please check them out.

They are super cute and made of very very soft cotton. Extremely comfortable and unique. Perfect top for jeans lover.

Also I have quite a few client asking for more of this "Misty Morning" dress.
We are making more of it but due to limited crochet piece we have left, we will be able to make 3-4 dresses only. If you know for sure you want one, please drop a note here, or my email so I can reserve it for you.

Thanks again. It's been a great beginning for our etsy store :-)


Fatal Attraction said...

I'm absolutely enamoured of your Belleville skirts. Gorgeous!!

Josy said...

I love the misty morning dress and many more of your clothes! I am having to be more frugal than I'd like, otherwise, I'd be buying UP your supply! :-) I just wanted to say that your clothes are beautiful and when I can afford to buy - I WILL! :-) So happy you have a blog, too. I'd love to know more about Thailand and hopefully to visit one day!

Nithima said...

Thanks for dropping a note. Always great to hear some feedback. We are working on new items very hard and should get many new style out next week including the curtain collection in more colors and bellevill skirt in the form of dress! Cheers!