Friday, November 28, 2008

Coat and jacket season!

It's starting to get cold where we are! A good inspiration for making thicker clothing...

We still work with 100% cotton. Just double it up or use a thicker material.

And we come up with these soft suit.
As usual, with some hand-embroidery detail.

This one is more special cos it is reversible! Plain beige soft cotton with hand-embroidery on the outer layer. Great flower printed fabric on the inner layer.

Also a simple long coat with very thick 2 layers plain black high-twisted cotton.Simple hoodie coat that will keep you warm and it's a simple piece you will always ended up picking it to go with all your outfit!

More to come...


rebeccalouise said...

I stumbled upon your etsy store a few days ago and have fallen in love with all of your pieces. Just wanted to leave you all a message to let you know how excited I am to see the pieces I ordered from you in person, and that I look forward to following your blog and seeing what other beautiful things you all create!
Best wishes,
Rebecca (etsy user rlwells29)

nithi said...


Thank you for your kind words. We will try to keep the blog updated as often as possible :-)

Haila said...

i love the yellow jacket shown here. are you still selling it?

nithi said...

hey , sorry for the late reply. The jackat were sold a while back and we don't have more of the fabric to make. Please check our store for more item


megchandler said...

Hello Cocoricooo!!!!
I also have just stumbled across your website it is amazing and it is all the kind of clothing that I love but so hard to find in stores. I have just ordered quite a few pieces from you and I was just wondering what your policy is if they do not fit?
I am also interested in becoming a member if that is possible. Thank you so much. x