Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How we pack and ship the packages

Part 2. How we pack the packages and ship them.

Apple preparing the order we sold from the last 3 days.
The clothes is nicely fold with our name card added.

We add namecard in every package to promote our site. So client can give away to their friends.Our name card is designed by Nithima. Very simple. we even print them ourselve.

After finish packaging, we put them in the saddle bag and take them to post office in town.

At the post office. Toy is the nicest lady at the post office. We meet her every other day.
We ship everything airmail from Thailand. with register number.

We hope these pictures show the handmade process of our team and answer all the questions you have.

Thank you,
Cocoricooo team


annekham said...

J'espère que vous pourrez ouvrir à nouveau votre site etsy, votre travail est splendide ! Bravo !
A bientôt sur etsy ou ailleurs...
Annekham (France)

nithi said...

Merci beaucoup!

zile said...

Girls You are fantastic. I'm planning to buy something for summer. :)
Zile (Latvia)

La Pomme said...

Hi! This and the post before is great! I love seeing how you girls work.

Vanessa said...

I am in love with all of your designs! Looking forward to ordering!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ladies. It is such hard work for them in Thailand. I would love to visit sometime. I love their items and I have several pieces that are unusual to my taste and fashion and my husband loves them because they are practical and modest.
Thanks for providing this service to the Midwest United States.