Friday, September 26, 2008

Ready to launch!!

At last!!!

After a long busting week. We finally got these 100% hemp baggy lisu style pants done!!! Special thanks to Poona, our tailor for working all day long everyday on the sewing machine.

We are now ready to launch our product on etsy real soon.

For this week only 4 pairs are finish. They are one of a kind! Only one pair like it in the whole wide world!!! We make each color different sizes.

We will be able to take custom order in 2 weeks. Please send in your request if you like what you see here :-) all real hard workers, we also play as hard!
Tonight's mood spells " C E L E B R A T I O N " for us!!

And B52s stop me from blogging right here...Until next time ;-)


maryam said...

hello soussou,
it's the french black girl!
I really like your new site, the clothes are lovely.
Keep some for me cauz I'm coming back for chrismas!!!! I M SO EXITED
big kiss sweetheart
see u soon

Nithima said...

Hey hey missy!

Merci beaucoup!

Don't forget to bring santa when you come! The one that can breath under water ;-)

kiss kiss

icetrap said...

I find you on the ebay!
Your clothes are so beautiful!!!
I hope to buy a pair of you paints as far as possible!

Kind regards from Italy!

claud!a said...

:O Your designs are genial, congrats!